Using natural therapies with our patients has been the #1 mission for our practice. Through chiropractic care, we help many of our patients relieve their pain and feel better again without the use of medications. We realize though that many of our patients have more than just pain-relief health concerns. Some of the more common health issues we are seeing every day in our practice besides pain-relief are:


Adrenal Fatigue                      Autoimmune Disorders                   Celiac Disease  

Cardiometabolic/Insulin Resistance          Detoxification             Diabetes         

Dietary Supplements                Digestive Disorders             Food Sensitive/Allergies              

  Heart Disease                          Thyroid Disorders                     Weight Management  

and pain conditions Such as migraines and fibromyalgia


Because more patients are asking us to help them with these issues, we’ve now decided to partner in our practice with an integrative functional nutritionist. Susan Moore Rodgers is a local expert in personalized integrative nutrition therapy. By adding her to our team here at Moon Chiropractic, we now offer a complete holistic health solution with chiropractic care and nutrition therapy. Thank you again for allowing us to help both you and your family optimize your wellness goals with natural therapies.

                                                 Functional Nutrition Services


  • Nutrition Practitioner Consultations

  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing Panels

  • Professional-Grade Nutrition Supplements

  • Clinically Used Specialty Diet Programs


​To schedule with our functional nutritionist please call 724-513-0521 or schedule online on our appointments page above,